Teaching Portfolio

Courses taught by Dorothy J. Della Noce at the college and university level:

Online Teaching Experience

Walden University, School of Management, Minneapolis, MN

Doctoral Level (D.B.A.) Qualitative Methodologist

Doctoral Study Mentoring

Doctoral Study Completion

Master’s Level (M.S. in Communication)

Capstone: Communication and Social Change

Communication Theory in Practice

Communicating Using Social and Digital Media

Message Design, Audience, and Evaluation

Interpersonal Communication

Undergraduate Level (B.S. in Communication)

Writing for the Digital Age

Dynamics of Group Communication

Negotiation and Persuasion

Capstone Course

Jones International University, School of Business, Centennial, CO

Doctoral Level

The Comprehensive Examination

Foundations of Doctoral Writing: Remediation

The Dissertation: Structure of the Introduction and Prospectus

The Dissertation: Structure of the Literature Review

The Dissertation: Initial Drafts of the Literature Review

The Dissertation: Initial Drafts of the Research Methodology

The Dissertation: Final Draft of the Literature Review

Master’s Level (MBA/MABC)

Conflict Management


Judgment and Decision Making

Action Research

Business Research Methods

Capstone Experience

Making Ethical Management Decisions

Undergraduate Level

Organizational Communication

Intercultural Communication

Evolution of Communication Media

Team Communication


Negotiation and Conflict Management

Organizational Training and Development

Business Ethics

The Writing Process

Business Communication Capstone

James Madison University, School of Communication Studies, VA

Undergraduate Level

Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution


Legal Communication

Classroom Teaching Experience

Webster University Leiden, The Netherlands

Media Communications Theory

Law & Psychology

Topics in Media Communications: Analytical Thinking & Writing

Graduate Student Orientation: Writing for Academic Success

James Madison University, School of Communication Studies, VA

Fundamentals of Human Communication: Groups

Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Introduction to Communication Research Methods

Qualitative Communication Research Methods

Directed Projects

Legal Communication

Senior Seminar in Conflict Analysis and Intervention: Capstone

Special Studies in Communication Studies

Internships in Communication Studies

Honors Projects in Communication Studies

Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution

The Ideological Foundations of Third Party Practice

Hamline University School of Law, Dispute Resolution Institute, MN

Conflict Theory

Conflict Theory and its International Implications

National Judicial College, Reno, NV

Family Mediation

Dispute Resolution

Marshall-Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary, VA

General Mediation

Family Mediation