Dorothy J. Della Noce, J.D., Ph.D., is an award-winning adult educator who taught at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels for more than 20 years. While at Walden University, she was a Qualitative Methodologist with the Doctor of Business Administration program. While at James Madison University, she proposed, gained approval for, and taught the first undergraduate Qualitative Research Methods course in the School of Communication. She retired from teaching in 2017, and now devotes her time exclusively to academic coaching and editing.

Dr. Della Noce is an accomplished researcher, writer, and editor.  For her own research and writing, she favors applied communication subjects and qualitative research methods. She is especially interested in how people make a positive difference through their communication, and how constructive change occurs at the micro-level during human interactions – in dialogue, conversation, negotiation, argumentation, group decision making, and more. This interest spans the curriculum areas of communication theory, conflict management, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, legal communication, organizational communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, groups and teams, leadership, media communication, communication coaching and training, and the discourse of teaching and learning.

Dr. Della Noce was active in the conflict resolution field for more than two decades as a researcher, practitioner, trainer, educator, and policy maker. Her work has helped shape contemporary conflict management practice. Her publications have appeared in Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal, Negotiation Journal, Mediation Quarterly, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, and Communication Teacher. She co-authored the book Mediator Communication Competencies: Problem Solving and Transformative Practices (2005, 5th ed.), co-edited the book Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook (2010), and contributed chapters to other books.

Dr. Della Noce’s academic editing experience includes serving on the Editorial Board of Mediation Quarterly from 1996 to 2001, serving on the Editorial Board of Conflict Resolution Quarterly from 2007 to 2009, editing the book Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook (2010), and serving as guest editor for a special issue of Mediation Quarterly. She currently serves as an Assistant Editor, member of the Editorial Board, and member of the Editorial Review Board, for Online Learning, the journal of the Online Learning Consortium, and as an Associate Editor for The Independent Scholar, the journal of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars.

Dr. Della Noce is a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars and the Association of Writers & Writing Programs.