Even President Obama’s Writing Goes Through Peer Review

For all those writers who grumble about the peer review process for publication in academic journals, it might ease the pain a bit to know that even President Obama has had to go through the process. Today’s edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an interview by Arielle Martinez with Howard C. Bauchner, editor in chief of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), about publishing President Obama’s article titled “United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps.”

In addition to describing how the editors at JAMA ensured that the President’s article met the journal’s content requirements, Bauchner revealed:

I needed to remind them of what our process of editorial review was and that there’s copy editing that goes on with every author, and there certainly would be editing that would go on with this author.

This paper was handled much like all other special communications. It underwent peer review with critiques and criticisms and was sent back to the president requesting changes, very specific and very general changes in the document. Our peer review is confidential, so I don’t want to detail what those requests were.

On the other hand, the President did get a couple of special courtesies. He was permitted to share vignettes and to write in the first person 🙂

Martinez, A. (2016, July 13). When the President of the United States writes an article in your journal. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from http://chronicle.com/article/When-the-President-of-the/237104?cid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en&elqTrackId=c38a7c05923748429331ff423f85e2f6&elq=e296a98ddfe04a8b88e94878b69a3bf6&elqaid=9805&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=3578

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