Getting the Most from a Professional Conference

Professional conferences can be the land of opportunity for academic writers.  Presenting a paper at a professional conference is an opportunity to make a scholarly contribution and to network with fellow scholars with similar interests. It is also often a step toward the publication of an article on the topic in a scholarly journal. For audience members, conferences present opportunities for networking with peers and engaging with new ideas. But how does one make the most of these opportunities?

By coincidence, two articles appeared today that offer guidance to both conference presenters and conference attendees on how to get the most from an academic conference:

Looser, D. (2015, May 4). Why I love academic conferences. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from

Wampole, C. (2015, May 4). The conference manifesto. The New York Times. Retrieved from

While Looser offers more of a love letter, in contrast to Wampole’s critique, both articles are full of good advice!