Rachel Toor: Running and Writing

This post is for all the wounded and beleaguered academic writers I have met this month who have told me they need a coach because they “can’t write.”  Many of you report feeling paralyzed in your work because someone in authority (e.g., a dissertation chair) has told you that you “can’t write.” Ironically, placing this judgment on a writer seems to make it so.

Rachel Toor to the rescue! In an article entitled, “What writing and running have in common,” she says:

When I think harder about it, what I believe running and writing have most in common, at least for me, is the state of vulnerability they leave you in. Both require bravery, audacity, a belief in one’s own abilities, and a willingness to live the clichés: to put it on the line, to dig deep, to go for it. You have to believe in the “it,” and have to believe, too, that you are worthy.

Believe you are worthy!

Toor, R. (2014, June 23). What running and writing have in common. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from http://chronicle.com/article/What-WritingRunning-Have/147193/?cid=cr&utm_source=cr&utm_medium=en

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