John Kaag: On Writing with Others

One need look no further than my CV to see that I enjoy writing with others. Many of my publications are written with co-authors. In yesterday’s New York Times, John Kaag neatly identified the value of writing with others:

So what is it, precisely, that a co-author gives you? Co-authors catch the things you can’t remove by yourself: your blind spots, your stylistic tics, your unfounded assumptions, your implicit biases, your inelegance, your vagueness. Your repetition. They give you the opportunity to bounce your half-baked ideas off another, and this sometimes results in the creation of something completely new, something that neither of you could have come up with on your own.

While a writing coach is not in precisely the same role as a co-author, these are the same contributions that a good writing coach brings to the table. The final product is better as a result of the conversation.

Kaag, J. (2013, June 24). On writing with others. The New York Times. Retrieved from